Alec Stone
Name: Alec Stone
Profession: Police Officer
Rank: Detective
Family: Frankie D'Amico (brother)
Gina D'Amico (sister-in-law)
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Josh Hopkins
First episode: New York Undercover: Change Change Change
Last episode: New York Undercover: Catharsis

Alec Stone is a detective in the Special Investigations Division of the New York Police Department on New York Undercover.


Born Alec D'Amico, he is the son of the head of a Brooklyn-based organized crime family. Alec's decision to pursue a career in law enforcement has estranged him from most of his relatives. He is a close friend of fellow detective Nell Delaney.


  • New York Undercover (1 season, 13 episodes):
    • Season 4: Change Change Change • Drop-Dead Gorgeous • Pipeline • Spare Parts • Mob Street • Rat Trap • Quid Pro Quo • Capital Punishment • The Unusual Suspects • Sign o' the Times • Going Native • The Troubles • Catharsis
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