All That Glitters
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Original airdate: February 16, 2003
Written by: Robert Port
Directed by: Darnell Martin
Episode chronology
Previous episode: The Big Ruckus
Next episode: Well Endowed


The police investigate the brutal slaying of a movie producer whose body is found on the side of Mulholland Drive.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Stars


  • Jonathan Goldsmith as Neil
  • Kent Faulcon as Detective Kevin Tolan
  • Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as SID Technician #2
  • David Kagen as Turner
  • Marisa Brown as Lisa
  • Daniel Raymont as David Sellers
  • Mark Lewis as SID Technician Mark Lewis
  • Vanessa Villarreal as Sexy Girl #1
  • Nicholl Hiren as Sexy Girl #2
  • Britt George as Uniform Cop


Background information and Notes

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