Amira Zidan
Name: Amira Zidan
Profession: Student
Family: Omar Adom Zidan (brother)
Yousef (uncle)
Ryan (cousin)
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Cynthia Hamidi
First episode: FBI: A New Dawn

Amira Zidan is the younger sister of special agent Omar Adom "OA" Zidan on FBI.


Amira is a student at Paul Revere University and is a reporter for the university paper The Daily Pru.

OA mentioned in the episode "A New Dawn" that they have a tense relationship, which Amira attributed to them loosing their father at a young age and him acting more like a father rather than an older brother. She volunteers to help him and Maggie in their investigation into a group of radicalized violent left-wing students, much to her brother's dismay and reluctant approval. The information she helped gather proves useful in finding the perpetrator before the latter detonated the bomb. At the end of the episode, the siblings reconcile as OA tells Amira that he was proud of her bravery.


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