Ariel Miclat
Place of birth: Yonkers, New York
Active: 2018
Role: Ariel
Show(s): Nightwatch Nation (regular)

Ariel Miclat is a Emergency Medical Technician in Yonkers, New York who stars on A&E's Nightwatch Nation.


Ariel is a young and upcoming paramedic at Empress EMS. Born and raised in Yonkers, Ariel is a native of the city in which she serves. After volunteering in an emergency room alongside her mother, her role model, she found her niche in the fast-paced medical field. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy from the City College of New York. Surmounting odds of her own and always ready for a challenge, she chose to pursue EMS. In 2014, she acquired her EMT license from Phelp’s Hospital. Three years later, she went on to study paramedicine at Westchester Community College. Aside from work, she enjoys books, the beach, running, the life of a foodie and all that is girly. Always learning and constantly moving from one idea to the next, paramedicine is the perfect job for her to hone her focus and utilize the skills she has attained. She loves being strong in the times others cannot, most especially as an example for her younger sisters.

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