Banks Tarver
Active: 1997-present
Role: Producer
Show(s): Dead Again

Banks Tarver is an Executive Producer on Dead Again.


After graduating from college at Harvard and law school at Berkeley, Banks returned to his home state of Texas to work as a civil rights attorney. Several years later, hoping to add to his already staggering student loan debt, Banks returned to school to attend Stanford’s nonfiction filmmaking program. While there, he directed several music videos that appeared on MTV and the award-winning documentary Watch Me Jumpstart, about the legendary, down-in-the-basement rock band Guided By Voices.

In 1997, Banks joined the senior staff of MTV’s News and Documentaries Department, where he developed and supervised the hit documentary series True Life. In addition to supervising the first several seasons, Banks also produced and directed many of the most popular and highest-rated True Life episodes in the history of the series, including Pro Wrestler, Porn Star, and Summer Share on the Jersey Shore. Banks also created and produced the pioneering two-hour special First Year, and supervised and produced many of MTV’s pro-social documentaries, including Candidate (about two young candidates for Congress) and Aftermath of Terror (about the role one New Jersey city played in the 9/11 attack).

Banks is often referred to as the "good cop" at Left/Right, famous for his ability to reach consensus and to calm the nerves of jittery staffers and clients. This cool demeanor also allows him to play hilarious pranks on unsuspecting staff members, who can never seem to tell when he’s just messing with them.

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