This article is about Brother's Keeper, the Chicago P.D. episode. You may be looking for the Chicago Med episode.
Brother's Keeper (PD)
Season: 7
Episode: 5
Original airdate: October 23, 2019
Written by: Joe Halpin
Directed by: Vincent Misiano
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Infection, Part III
Next episode: False Positive


A murder in a Bulgarian neighborhood results in a challenging investigation when locals won't talk to police. Ruzek has a clash with a patrol officer.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Bartek Szymanski as Peter Dmitrov
  • Richard David as Officer Leavins
  • Shaun Graves as Jim Owens
  • Brian Slaten as Cranston
  • Will Lidke as Gregory Barnes
  • Erin Lovelace as Chelsea Roberts
  • Veronica Gutierrez as Gina Morales
  • Kevin Theis as Seabury
  • Yuri Rutman as Nikolay Lukov
  • L. Williams as Auto Salvage Worker


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