Daydream Believer
Season: 16
Episode: 20
Original airdate: April 29, 2015
Teleplay by: Ed Zuckerman
Julie Martin
Story by: Matt Olmstead
Warren Leight
Directed by: Martha Mitchell
Episode chronology
Previous episode: We Called Her Jellybean
Next episode: The Number of Rats


Benson and Voight lead their teams in the investigation of a rape/murder case that is frighteningly similar to a case from New York a decade ago. When forced to release their main suspect, the Chicago PD joins the SVU in New York in pursuit of Yates.


Main Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Darryl Knight as Bo
  • PJ Powers as Glen
  • Rachel Neiheisel as Renee Walden
  • Ozzie Stewart as Lisa
  • Aja Frary as Nila Green
  • Fiona Horrigan as Forewoman


Background information and Notes

"In the criminal justice system some killers are so depraved that it takes multiple police agencies to bring them to justice. This is one of those investigations."

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Abandoned Shipyard
305 West 216th Street
Monday, April 13

23-54 96th Street
East Elmhurst, Queens
Monday, April 13

Pelham Bay Park
Monday, April 13

4 5 6

Supreme Court
Part 21
Wednesday, April 15

Supreme Court
Part 21
Thursday, April 16

Courthouse Holding
Thursday, April 16

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