Season: 6
Episode: 9
Original airdate: December 5, 2018
Written by: Rick Eid
Timothy J. Sexton
Directed by: Nicole Rubio
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Black And Blue
Next episode: Brotherhood


In an attempt to dig himself out of a hole and save someone close to him, Antonio crosses a line that puts the entire team at risk.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Sam Pearson as Jason Rizzo
  • Sean Gallagher as Gary McCoy
  • Sam Derence as Doctor Michael Applebaum
  • Christopher Meister as Assistant State's Attorney Tom Lake
  • Andy Junk as Wilson
  • Molly Reynolds as Female Neighbour
  • Paul Pierro as Paramedic
  • Elvis Garcia as Clerk
  • Benjamin Rodriguez as Dealer
  • Jack Gallagher as Buyer One


Background information and Notes


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