L.A. Dragnet (Season 2)
Network: ABC
Original run: October 4, 2003 - December 4, 2004
Season chronology
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Next season: Cancelled

L.A. Dragnet season 2 premiered on October 4, 2003 and concluded on December 4, 2004 on ABC.

This updated version of Dragnet features newly promoted LAPD Lieutenant Joe Friday overseeing a group of younger detectives in the Robbery-Homicide Division.


Main Cast and Characters

Recurring Guest Stars

Recurring Co-Stars

  • Todd Felix as Tech Waring (2)
  • Fernando Jiménez as Uniform Cop (2)
  • Marc Brown as Newscaster Marc Brown (2)
  • Kim Evey as Jill Soames (2)
  • K.T. Thangavelu as Griff (2)
  • Kenneth Choi as Coroner's Investigator Burrell (2)
  • Peter James Smith as SID Tech Stoneman (2)


Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
LAD0201 2.01 (#13)
Daddy's Girl
Joe and his crew investigate the murder of a teenager who was burned and left for dead. October 4, 2003
LAD0202 2.02 (#14)
The detectives discover a major prostitution ring while investigating a woman's murder. October 11, 2003
LAD0203 2.03 (#15)
17 in 6
Detective Raymond Cooper looks for help to find those involved in a deadly gang war. October 18, 2003
LAD0204 2.04 (#16)
The Magic Bullet
The death of a fan at a wild Hollywood party leads the detectives to a record producer with a gun fetish. October 25, 2003
LAD0205 2.05 (#17)
Slice of Life
When fishermen find a woman's headless body offshore, detectives discover she had recently given birth. November 1, 2003
LAD0206 2.06 (#18)
The detectives investigate the abduction and killing of the son of a couple involved in an alternative lifestyle. April 21, 2004
LAD0207 2.07 (#19)
Frame of Mind
The killing of a traveling salesman maybe connected to the unsolved murder of an adult movie star's father. April 28, 2004
LAD0208 2.08 (#20)
The deaths of an artist and his girlfriend lead the detectives to a case of poisoned drugs. May 5, 2004
LAD0209 2.09 (#21)
Detective Friday and Detective Beltran find out a hidden secret behind a run-of-the-mill suicide. December 4, 2004
LAD0210 2.10 (#22)
Killing Field
A man is arrested for shoplifting while using a missing person's car. December 4, 2004

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