Peter Mills
Name: Peter Mills
Profession: Firefighter
Rank: Firefigther (Season 1-2)

Paramedic-in-Charge (Season 3)

Family: Henry Mills (father) (deceased)
Ingrid Mills (mother)
Elise Mills (sister)
Leonard Mills (grandfather) (deceased)
Marital status: Single
Status: Resigned
Cause of departure: Resigned and moved to North Carolina
Portrayed by: Charlie Barnett
First episode: Fire: Pilot
P.D.: At Least It's Justice
Last episode: Fire: You Know Where to Find Me
P.D.: A Little Devil Complex

Peter Mills was a firefighter at Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire.


Peter Mills started as candidate at 51. After an injury he became the paramedic in charge. Just as he had recoverd enough to resume his duties as firefighter, his family moved and he decided to go with them.


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