Season: 2
Episode: 9
Original airdate: December 4, 2004
Written by: Dan Dworkin
Jay Beattie
Directed by: Steve Shill
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Retribution
Next episode: Killing Field


The deaths of an artist and his girlfriend lead the detectives to a case of poisoned drugs; when they arrest the dealer, they have to prevent more people from dying and find the man who made the drugs.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Matthew Bartona as SWAT Leader
  • Jake Bern as Charlie Kisselback
  • Christie D'Amore as Mia
  • D.J. Harner as Mrs. Kisselback
  • Fernando Jiménez as Uniform Cop
  • Alexis Raich as Dana Guidry
  • Ping Wu as Boga


Background information and Notes

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