The Magic Bullet
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Original airdate: October 25, 2003
Written by: Dan Dworkin
Jay Beattie
Directed by: Aaron Lipstadt
Episode chronology
Previous episode: 17 in 6
Next episode: Slice of Life


The death of a fan at a wild Hollywood party leads the detectives to a record producer with a gun fetish.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Hunter Bodine as A&R Guy
  • Marci Brickhouse as Charlene Pagni
  • Kim Evey as Jill Soames
  • Todd Felix as Tech Waring
  • Bruce Katzman as Bernie
  • David Anthony Marshall as Michael Jamalski
  • Craig Ryan Ng as Bolo
  • Jeanette O'Connor as Apartment Manager
  • Scott Rabinowitz as Detective Selig
  • Heidi Sulzman as Uniformed Cop
  • K.T. Thangavelu as Griff
  • Andrew Cooper Wasser as Session Guitarist


Background information and Notes

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